Join us at our Table | Dining Rooms / by Alise O'Brien

where is the best place to celebrate thanksgiving, christmas, and other holidays? in the dining room (with food)! With the Holiday Season merely weeks away, we decided to pay homage to the most special gathering space of the home.

Johnson Design sets the scene for the upcoming holidays with BOLD black and white PATTERNS AND a STRONG CHANDELIER.


ADJ combines curated antiques with strong modern pieces for a stunning dining room.


ANDY VILLASANA infuses his design with great modern art, minimal sculptural pieces and vibrant color. But no accessory makes a dining room better than a matching dog!

AMY STUDEBAKER (left) blends a clean palette with touches of vivacious blue. DANA ROMEIS (right) adds sparkle to a sleek and sophisticated design with a custom chandelier.

JAMIESON’s sophisticated touch marries a wine room to the dining room; what better way to end the day?

Looking for more inspiration for the season? Check out one of alise’s favorite thanksgiving recipes below! Let us know how it tastes.