It's All about the Art / by Alise O'Brien

Design: David Richardson Interiors / Art: Robert Motherwell.

Charles Eames once said "The details are not details. They make the design." Whether you agree with Eames or not, one thing we can all agree on is that great art can tie a space together.

Design: David Richardson Interiors / Art: Richard Serra
Design: Ken Stückenschnieder / Art: Kim Keever (foyer) and Donald Baechler (bedroom).

Whether the room is extravagant or simple and elegant, an abstract piece can add a pop of color or create a bold statement.

Design: ADJ Interiors / Art: Ted Collier.
Design: Jamieson Design / Art: Julian Schnabel.

We love showcasing the fusion of great art and great design. While style varies, each client has a great eye for matching art to the spirit of the homes they create. 

Design: Castle Design (Lauren Sweet Schuler) / Art: Kelly O'Neal.