A Kaleidoscope of Color / by Alise O'Brien

The angad arts hotel is the first in the world to let you select your room based on color and the emotion you are feeling. Visitors can choose from stylized rooms focused on tranquility (blue), REJUVENATION (green), passion (red), or happiness (yellow).

Blue Room Overall.jpg

In a lot of modern design, we come across pretty grays and neutrals. In St. Louis, the new Angad Arts Hotel is featuring fabulous use of color in its design.

Green Room.jpg

The angad arts hotel '‘embraces the visual arts, performance, fashion, literature and gastronomy”, making it an ideal luxury destination. you can also bring your furry friends!

Red Room Overall.jpg
Yellow Room Overall_Revision.jpg

If you are looking for a colorful hotel experience, make your reservations now! For more information, visit: https://www.angadartshotel.com