La Vie Bohem / by Alise O'Brien

The mismatched, the unusual, and the comfy; bohemian styling is making a bold return. The relaxed design allows for effortless chic in older homes.

The artistic, unconventional styling can cross through the edges of many design boundaries. The look can be rough and industrial, organic and upscale, or soft and sweet.

With originality and comfort in mind, Bohemian style boasts fun colors and free-spirited design. While “boho chic” can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s, it is possible that the roots extend back much further.


“The modern bohemian home tells a story of its individual and complex inhabitant. Rather than the clean surfaces of a contemporary space, or the immaculately tailored finishings of a traditional space, the modern bohemian aesthetic is characterized by layers” - Harper’s Bazaar.

The bohemian aesthetic— worn woods, Moroccan rugs, pattern on pattern, and copious plants— continues to influence non-traditional designs of today.