"Design Lives Here" by Alise O'Brien


The Saint Louis Fashion Fund is an Incubator SPace for growing designers in an elegant urban loft. The bright and modern space gives a clean slate for emerging designers to nurture their creative talents and the residents of St. Louis to experience new and innovative work. the new fund will bring valuable projects
and education to the St. Louis area.  

We had the pleasure of photographing the new space designed by Arcturis this past February. Here are a few words from them on design challenges they faced for this project. 

"Arcturis’s design was heavily influenced by the passions and fashions of the designers inhabiting the space. Designing a space that is conducive to a diverse group of creatives is no easy task. We opened
the space to take advantage of as much natural light as possible and to create an engaging and comfortable working environment for the designers. The solution, ingenious in its simplicity,
proved to be the use of neutral colors and finishes to create an environment that does not overwhelm
the designers' work and allows their creations to be the focal point."